About this mind... In truth there is nothing really wrong with it. It is intrinsically pure. Within itself it's already peaceful. That the mind is not peaceful is because it follows moods. The real mind doesn't have anything to it, it is simply (an aspect of) Nature. It becomes peaceful or agitated because moods deceive it. The untrained mind is stupid. Sense impressions come and trick it into happiness, suffering, gladness and sorrow, but the mind's true nature is none of those things. That gladness or sadness is not the mind, but only a mood coming to deceive us. The untrained mind gets lost and follows these things, it forgets itself. Then we think that it is we who are upset or at ease or whatever.



Both happiness and unhappiness, or pleasure and sadness, arise from the same parent — wanting. So when you're happy the mind isn't peaceful. It really isn't! For instance, when we get the things we like, such as wealth, prestige, praise or happiness, we become pleased as a result. But the mind still harbors some uneasiness because we're afraid of losing it. That very fear isn't a peaceful state. Later on we may actually lose that thing and then we really suffer. Thus, if you aren't aware, even if you're happy, suffering is imminent. It's just the same as grabbing the snake's tail — if you don't let go it will bite.


A Beautiful Way

Each person has his own natural pace.  Some of you will die at aged fifty, some at age sixty-five, and some at age ninety.  So, too, your life will not all be identical.  Don’t think or worry about this.  Try and be mindful and let things take their natural course.  Your mind will become quieter and quieter in any surroundings.  It will become still like a clear forest pool.  Then all kinds of wonderful and rare animals will come to drink at the pool.  You will see many marvelous and strange things come and go.  But you will be still.  Problems will arise and you will see through them immediately.  This is the happiness of the Buddha.

(Ajahn Cha)